Department: Physical Education

Description: We micro-teach for Physical Education Middle and Secondary Methods, Elementary Methods for Physical Education and a Coaching Methods course. It is difficult to record the micro-teaching in the gymnasium because the teacher candidate is so far from the camera and moves around. This makes it very difficult to hear. A Swivl allows the sound to be picked up by the ipad recording device and will swivel around to record the teacher as they move around during the lesson. The markers are worn around the presenter’s neck on a lanyard. They act as a microphone to record the presenter. The iPad will follow the main marker so that the presenter is in the camera frame even when they move around. The presenter can also start and stop the recording from the marker. In a classroom/meeting setting you can also place them around the room to record everyone’s voice. 

Cost: $ 1,029

Submitted by: Professor Becky Cox

Ladies Auxiliary 2018-19 Projects | Wish List

Swivl – C3 and two markers