Department: Print Shop


The sublimation printer will be used to create name tags for faculty, staff, student workers, and volunteers. Currently, name tags are outsourced to another company which can cause strain on MLC by having to rely on a third party to meet additional deadlines and also creates overdue expenses to the third party. The printer will benefit MLC by allowing Print Services to create name tags in-house, on an as-needed basis, and at a much cheaper cost over time. For example, if a professor loses his name tag before an important meeting, Print Services will be able to create a new one quickly, without any delay or added expense. It will advance the ways in which Print Services can serve MLC in the future. This printer brings future possibilities to create things besides just name tags. It could also be used for various personalized commodities such as bags, plaques, cutting boards, oven mitts, t-shirts, and other custom goods for any occasion. Being able to supply these items in-house versus outsourcing to other companies can open the door to offer more things at a much lower cost. Estimated cost: printer $1,574.00, paper $33, heat tape $8.

Cost: $1,615 – FUNDED

Submitted by: Caci Hoffman

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