Department: Physical Education


We have partnered with UW-Oshkosh to offer outdoor classes to our students in the future. We need camping equipment for our students to use on these trips. We are hoping to eventually offer an outdoor experience in the fall, winter, and spring, so that students will have an opportunity to get on a trip even if they are involved in other things like sports and Forum at certain times of the year. The equipment would also be used by students in the PE Club to learn how to facilitate outdoor education in their future classrooms. We are requesting enough equipment for 12 people. We need tents with a footprint, sleeping pads, and sleeping bags. Estimated cost: 3 tents @ $170 each, 3 footprints for tents @ $30 each, 12 sleeping pads @ $50 each, and 12 sleeping bags @ $100 each.

Cost: $2,400

Submitted by: Professor Breanna Olson

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