Department:  Field Experiences


College supervisors use video-recorded lessons to provide feedback to teacher candidates as they prepare for the public ministry. These recordings are also used for professional development opportunities for in-service teachers, for example, Student Teaching Workshops. Additionally, supervisors create content for distribution to their teacher candidates. Currently, recordings are captured with a personal device, such as a phone, or a faculty laptop. These devices are not properly equipped to capture high-quality video or audio, and the final product reflects the use of inadequate equipment. As the WELS college of ministry and in keeping with pursuing excellence in all we do, the materials we share with students and in-service teachers should be of the highest quality. Funding this project would allow for the purchase of two Logitech PTZ HD cameras and two Zoom Hn1 Portable Audio Recorders. Both devices are portable, easy to set up with any computer, and do not require software or subscription fees for continued usage. Estimated cost: (2) Logitech PTZ Pro2Cameras $934, (2) Zoom Hn1 Portable Audio Recorders $200, (2) 3.5 mm Male to Male Audio Cables $13.

Cost: $1,150

Submitted by: Professor Adam Pavelchik

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