Department: Athletics


This summer, MLC received funds donated with the intention of supporting the MLC volleyball and men’s basketball teams in completing an exercise called “Team Building with CliftonStrengths” conducted by Grace in Action, a WELS parasynodical organization who “partners with ministry leaders to provide leadership support, team development, and tools to serve your unique ministry setting.” The rationale for this request is threefold: 1. There would be immediate benefit to the volleyball and men’s basketball teams in their efforts this upcoming season and beyond. 2. This could be treated as a potential trial run for other sports programs at MLC. If it’s positively impactful for the volleyball and men’s basketball teams in multiple ways, the college could consider providing this type of leadership and teambuilding training to other sports teams at MLC. 3. Most importantly, our hope is that this leadership and teambuilding training would have significant ministry impact for those who participate and for the ministries that they serve down the road. There would be personal growth in the players who participate that hopefully would lead to positive outcomes in ministry. Ministry candidates who aren’t already aware of CliftonStrengths or the ministry of GIA would gain an awareness of how this tool and this ministry can be a blessing to them personally and to the ministry teams on which they serve. The GIA Team Building with Clifton Strengths Workshop includes the following: individual CliftonStrengths assessments for every student-athlete and coach that outlines the top 5 personality strengths of every individual; a 60-minute individual CliftonStrengths consultation for every student-athlete and coach with a GIA staff member who is CliftonStrengths coach certified; and a 2-hour CliftonStrengths team workshop. The donated funds covered only the volleyball Team Building with CliftonStrengths Workshop, so this request is to complete the intent of the donation in allowing the men’s basketball team to also participate in this exciting and meaningful opportunity.

Cost: $3,000

Submitted by: Professor Greg Holzhueter

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