Department: PE and Fitness Center

Description: We are requesting three sets of Olympic lifting weight plates. Currently, the eight sets of weights in the Summit Training Center are used by our PE students in three different classes and by all of our athletic teams (both women and men). We can only accommodate about 60% of our athletic teams. About 100-150 athletes a day are lifting during the scheduled time slots, and another 50 or more cannot be admitted due to space and equipment limitations. Our three PE lifting classes cannot fulfill their course lifting requirements because there are no time slots or equipment available for them to lift. With these three additional sets of weights in the Fitness Center (FC), students, athletes, faculty, staff, and our WELS townspeople would benefit.

Cost: $5,340 – FUNDED honoring Professor Emeritus Gary Dallmann for 45 years of service in the athletic department

Submitted by: Professor Doug Lange

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