Department:  President’s Office


This fall, thanks to a generous grant in 2021 from the Auxiliary, I will begin to meet individually with faculty and staff and to offer the first 70 who are interested an opportunity to take Gallup’s Clifton Strengths inventory (often called Strengths Finder). Since I am also a Certified Gallup Strength Coach, I have received training to help those individual faculty/staff members with a brief coaching session to help them to understand and maximize what the inventory reveals about the gifts/talents that God has uniquely given to each of them. Since Clifton Strengths is also at its best with teams, I will also be able to offer to departments or divisions the opportunity to discuss together how their strengths complement the work they do together. Both individually and as departments/divisions, all of this could be a great blessing to help faculty/staff to serve even better the mission of our school as they carry out their tasks in the unique place where God has them serving on our campus. While last year’s grant will cover the cost of the Clifton Strengths inventory for about the first 70 staff/faculty members who would express interest, an additional grant this year would allow me to have sufficient funds to offer this to the rest of the faculty/staff. Estimated cost: $39.99 for each “full 34” report, $29.99 for each staff/faculty member who has already completed the inventory but only knows their “top 5.”

Cost: $3,000

Submitted by:  President Rich Gurgel

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