Makerspace Enhancements

strawbeesDepartment: Library Media Center

Description: The library’s Makerspace currently contains equipment for students to create bulletin boards, posters, and presentations through the use of die-cuts and laminating. We would like to enhance this space with additional items and materials that would be of use to our students.

First, we would purchase additional die-cut shapes. Additional letter sets and shapes will add to the variety of dies available in our Makerspace area. Another die set that would be purchased is called “Strawbees.” Strawbees are small shapes, cut with a die, that are then used to connect regular drinking straws to create shapes and objects. Lastly, this project would include a number of books about Makerspaces that would be useful as we consider ways to incorporate maker and tinkering activities into our library, and as a resource to our Lutheran school teachers who might be considering incorporating Makerspace projects in their schools and classrooms.

Cost: $1,382

Submitted by: Linda Kramer – Director of Library Services

Ladies Auxiliary 2016-17 Project | Wish List