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Archive for Reformation History

ISSN: 0003-9381
Published by: Verein für Reformationsgeschichte and the Society for Reformation Research

Archiv für Reformationsgeschichte/Archive for Reformation History is an international journal which publishes articles relating to aspects of early modern European religious life and thought that touch on the Reformation and Catholic/Counter Reformation movements. The journal is also concerned with the extension of European theology and practice into the extra-European world. Its chronological range is approximately 1450-1650.


Bible & Spade

ISSN: 1079-6959
Published by: Associates for Biblical Research

BIBLE and SPADE is a non-technical quarterly publication, written from a scholarly and conservative viewpoint, supporting the inerrancy of the Biblical record.


Biblical Archaeology Review

ISSN: 0098-9444
Published by: Biblical Archaeology Society

Biblical Archaeology Review (BAR) magazine delivers the excitement of archaeology and the latest in Bible scholarship.



Bibliotheca Sacra

ISSN: 0006-1921
Published by: Dallas Theological Seminary

Bibliotheca Sacra provides continuing biblical and theological instruction to biblical scholars, alumni, pastors, teachers, and serious lay Bible students. Articles focus on biblical exposition and current theological and ethical issues, periodical reviews, and book reviews relevant to those engaged in Christian ministries.

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Christian News

ISSN: 0009-5516
Published by: Lutheran News, Inc.

Christian News is a newspaper that covers current news telling what is happening in the theological world, and secular arena, and how it can affect your church and your life.
Christian News is an independent publication designed to supply rank and file Christians with information needed to face the present crisis in Christendom. Christian News is not a doctrinally neutral observer, but is committed to the full historic Christian faith, as it is authoritatively revealed in the written Word of God, the Holy Scriptures, and correctly set forth in the Confessions of the Orthodox Church to wit, the Book of Concord in 1580.


Concordia Journal

ISSN: 0145-7233
Published by: Concordia Seminary, St. Louis, MO.

Concordia Journal is a publication issued by the faculty of Concordia Seminary (LC-MS), St. Louis, MO. Articles explore urgent ideas, themes, and issues related to the past, present, and future of global Christianity and today’s world, from a confessionally Lutheran perspective.


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Concordia Theological Quarterly

ISSN: 0038-8610
Published by: Concordia Theological Seminary, Fort Wayne, IN

Concordia Theological Quarterly, a continuation of The Springfielder, is a theological journal of the Lutheran Church-Missouri Synod, published for its ministerium by the faculty of Concordia Theological Seminary, Fort Wayne, Indiana.



Confessional Lutheran Dogmatics

Published by: Luther Academy

A Dogmatics Resource Based Upon the Outline and Thought Pattern of the Lutheran Confessions

*Cataloged as a book.


Church History

ISSN: 0009-6407
E-ISSN: 1755-2613
Published by: Cambridge University Press on behalf of the American Society of Church History

Church History: Studies in Christianity and Culture, has been the chief outlet for the American Society of Church History. Articles, forums, and book reviews in Church History address a range of topics dealing with the history of Christianity from its precursors to the modern period, as well as interactions of Christianity with its host cultures and with other religions.



Congress on the Lutheran Confessions

Published by: Luther Academy

The Congress on the Lutheran Confessions takes place annually and is cosponsored by the Luther Academy and the Association of Confessional Lutherans. The Congress addresses issues of current interest to Confessional Lutherans, the presentations made are edited and made available in book form.

*Cataloged as a book.


Essays and Reports

ISSN: 0090-3817
Published by: Lutheran Historical Conference

Lutheran Historical Conference is an organization of Lutheran historians, archivists, librarians and other interested individuals and institutions that seeks to promote the history and heritage of Lutheranism in North America. The presentations made at the  Biennial Meeting of the Lutheran Historical Conference are edited and made available in the publications, Essays and Reports.


The Faithful Word

The Faithful Word is the quarterly theological journal of the Lutheran Churches of the Reformation. A journal of doctrine and defense, it contains timely scriptural and orthodox Lutheran essays and commentaries.

Forward in Christ

Forward in Christ is the official magazine of the Wisconsin Evangelical Lutheran Synod and your link to the WELS-worldwide. Look to Forward in Christ for a biblical focus on today's issues and news, insightful editorials and responses from readers. Every issue offers help for Christian living. - See more at:

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First Things

ISSN: 1047-5141
Published by: The Institute on Religion and Public Life

First Things is an interreligious, nonpartisan research and education institute whose purpose is to advance a religiously informed public philosophy for the ordering of society.



Harvard Theological Review

ISSN: 00178160
E-ISSN: 14754517
Published by: Cambridge University Press on behalf of the Harvard Divinity School

Harvard Theological Review publishes compelling original research that contributes to the development of scholarly understanding and interpretation in the history and philosophy of religious thought in all traditions and periods - including the areas of Judaic studies, Hebrew Bible, New Testament, Christianity, archaeology, comparative religious studies, theology and ethics.


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Journal of Biblical Literature

ISSN: 00219231
Published by: The Society of Biblical Literature

The Journal of Biblical Literature (JBL) is a quarterly periodical that promotes critical and academic biblical scholarship. Bringing the highest level of technical expertise to bear on the canon, cognate literature, and the historical matrix of the Bible. A lengthy book review section monitors both European and American publishing. The articles and reviews published by JBL reflect the range of methods, models, and interests used and pursued by working sections, groups, and seminars of the Society of Biblical Literature.



Journal of Theological Studies

ISSN: 0022-5185
E-ISSN: 1477-4607

The Journal of Theological Studies, crosses the entire range of theological research, scholarship and interpretation. Ancient and modern texts, inscriptions, and documents that have not before appeared in type are also reproduced.



The Journal of Theology

A quarterly theological magazine, written and published by The Church of the Lutheran Confessions (CLC)

The Journal of Theology Archives

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ISSN: 0199-7661
Published by: Christianity Today

Leadership Journal provides today's church leaders with biblically faithful, pastorally practical writing. Leadership Journal offers smart, honest perspective on matters of ministry and the Christian leadership experience.



ISSN: 1064-0398
Published by: Luther Academy

LOGIA is a quarterly publication of the Luther Academy. It serves the Church by publishing articles on exegetical, historical, systematic, and liturgical theology that promote the orthodox teachings of the Evangelical Lutheran Church.


Luther Digest

ISSN: 0340-6210
Published by: Luther Academy

Luther Digest serves as a portal into Martin Luther's world and the 16th century, Luther Digest helps readers interested in Luther and Reformation studies. By abridging significant articles and books, Luther Digest assists scholars, researchers and all those interested in the Lutheran Reformation to gain access easily to a vast amount of scholarly work.


Lutheran Quarterly

ISSN: 0024-7499
Published by: Lutheran Quarterly, Inc

Lutheran Quarterly, New Series: a journal for the Evangelical Lutheran Church everywhere, discussing its history and theology.


Lutheran Synod Quarterly

ISSN: 0360-9685
Published by: Bethany Lutheran Theological Seminary

The Lutheran Synod Quarterly is a continuation of the Clergy Bulletin (1941–1960). The purpose is to provide a testimony of the theological position of the Evangelical Lutheran Synod and also to promote the academic growth of her clergy roster by providing scholarly articles, rooted in the inerrancy of the Holy Scriptures and the Confessions of the Evangelical Lutheran Church.


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ISSN: 0928-2378
Published by: Inter-Denominational Group Luther Research in the Netherlands

LUTHER-BULLETIN journal of inter-denominational Luther Research. Published by the Inter-Denominational Group Luther Research in the Netherlands



ISSN: 0342-0914
Published by: Göttingen [etc.] Vandenhoeck & Ruprecht [etc.]

Body of international research on Luther, Issued on behalf of the Society of Luther Helmar Junghans.



New Testament Abstracts

ISSN: 0028-6877
Published by: Published by Boston College School of Theology and Ministry

New Testament Abstracts (NTA) has become an indispensable research and bibliographic aid for scholars, librarians, clergy, and students of the New Testament and its historical milieu.


Novum Testamentum

ISSN: 00481009
Published by: BRILL

Novum Testamentum is a leading international journal devoted to the study of the New Testament and related subjects. It covers textual and literary criticism, critical interpretation, theology and the historical and literary background of the New Testament, as well as early Christian and related Jewish literature.



Old Testament Abstracts

ISSN: 0364-8591
Published by: Catholic Biblical Association

Old Testament Abstracts features indexing and abstracts for journal articles, monographs, multi-author works, and software related to Old Testament studies. Topics covered include antiquities, archaeology, biblical theology, philology and much more.


One Accord

The One Accord is a monthly publication with devotions by the Lutheran Churches of the Reformation (LCR), pastors, and news and photos from LCR congregations and pastors.


Past & Present

Published by: Oxford University Press on behalf of The Past and Present Society
ISSN: 00312746
E-ISSN: 1477464X
The journal offers:
  • A wide variety of scholarly and original articles on historical, social and cultural change in all parts of the world.
  • Challenging work by young historians as well as seminal articles by internationally regarded scholars.
  • A range of articles that appeal to specialists and non-specialists, and communicate the results of the most recent historical research in a readable and lively form.
  • A forum for debate, encouraging productive controversy.
  • The examination of particular problems and periods as well as wider issues of historical change.



Pieper Lectures


Published by: Lutheran Historical Institute/Luther Academy

Luther Academy and Concordia Historical Institute collaborate each year to host the Pieper Lectures. The lectures are always presented from the view of historical theology but with the intent of applying the lessons of history to the life of the church today. Presentations from the conference are made available in book format.

*Cataloged as a book.


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Review of General Psychology

ISSN: 1089-2680
E-ISSN: 1939-1552
Published by: Division 1: Society for General Psychology

Review of General Psychology seeks to publish innovative theoretical, conceptual, or methodological articles that cross-cut the traditional subdisciplines of psychology.



ISSN: 0897-327X
Published by: Fellowship of St. James

The magazine features cultural criticism and editorials that tackle tough issues, learned and fresh Bible commentary, interviews, book reviews, news of the Church across denominational lines and around the globe, and more.


Vetus Testamentum

Published by: BRILL
ISSN: 00424935

Vetus Testamentum is a leading journal covering all aspects of Old Testament study. It includes articles on history, literature, religion and theology, text, versions, language, and the bearing on the Old Testament of archaeology and the study of the Ancient Near East. Since 1951 the journals has been generally recognized to be indispensable for scholarly work on the Old Testament.



Vigiliae Christianae

Published by: BRILL
ISSN: 00426032
Vigiliae Christianae contains articles and short notes of an historical, cultural, linguistic or philological nature on early Christian literature written after the New Testament, as well as on Christian epigraphy and archaeology. Church and dogmatic history are dealt with as they relate to social history; Byzantine and medieval literature are treated as far as they exhibit continuity with the early Christian period.
*Cataloged as a book.



Wisconsin Lutheran Quarterly

ISSN: 0362-5648
Published by: Northwestern Publishing House

The Wisconsin Lutheran Quarterly is a professional journal for pastors and professors, edited by the faculty of Wisconsin Lutheran Seminary, Mequon, WI. Each issue provides scholarly articles, book reviews, news, and comments.

The Quarterly articles are found on the WLS Essay File website.


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