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Art and Art History

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American Art Journal:

Published by: Kennedy Galleries, Inc.
ISSN: 00027359

The American Art Journal published important articles of new scholarship on American painting, sculpture, decorative arts, photography, architecture, and cultural history. It was founded by Lawrence A. Fleischman in 1969 and published by Kennedy Galleries, Inc, New York, through 2004


Archives of American Art Journal:

Published by: The Smithsonian Institution
ISSN: 00039853

Covering the history of art in America from the eighteenth century to the recent past, the Archives of American Art Journal offers fresh and uncommon perspectives on American cultural and social history. With an emphasis on original materials in the collections of the Archives of American Art, since 1960 this quarterly journal has published documents, articles, book reviews, and excerpts of interviews from the Archives' Oral History Program.


Art Bulletin:

Published by: College Art Association
ISSN: 00043079

The Art Bulletin publishes all aspects of art history as practiced in the academy, museums, and other institutions. From its founding in 1913 the journal has published, through rigorous peer review, scholarly articles and critical reviews of the highest quality in all areas and periods of the history of art.  In its mission as a journal of record, The Art Bulletin fosters an intensive engagement with intellectual developments and debates in contemporary art-historical practice.


Art Journal:

Published by: College Art Association
ISSN: 00043249

The mission of Art Journal, founded in 1941, is to provide a forum for scholarship and visual exploration in the visual arts; provide peer-reviewed scholarly articles; to be pedagogically useful by making links between theoretical issues and their use in teaching at the college and university levels; to explore relationships among diverse forms of art practice and production, as well as among art making, art history, visual studies, theory, and criticism; and to focus on topics related to twentieth- and twenty-first-century concerns.


Artibus et Historiae:


Published by: IRSA s.c.
ISSN: 03919064

Artibus et Historiae publishes articles on art history research in its broadest sense, including film, photography as well as other areas of art connected with visual expression. The journal particularly encourages interdisciplinary research on art and problems on the borders of art history and other humanistic disciplines. Special emphasis is put on research dealing with the interrelationship between various arts - painting, architecture, sculpture - and on iconography.


The Burlington Magazine:


Published by: The Burlington Magazine Publications Ltd.
ISSN: 00076287

Founded in 1903, The Burlington Magazine soon established itself as the world's leading monthly art periodical. Covering all aspects of the fine and decorative arts from ancient times to the present day, the Magazine remains the most authoritative source of information on the visual arts available.


College Art Journal

Published by: College Art Association
ISSN: 1543-6322
Continues: Art Journal


Published by: College Art Association
ISSN: 15436314
Continues: College Art Journal

Oxford Art Journal:

Published by: Oxford University Press
ISSN: 01426540
E-ISSN: 17417287

The Oxford Art Journal has an international reputation for publishing innovative critical work in art history, and has played a major role in recent rethinking of the discipline. It is committed to the political analysis of visual art and material representation from a variety of theoretical perspectives, and has carried work addressing themes from Antiquity to contemporary art practice. In addition it carries extended review of major contributions to the field.



Published by: The MIT Press
ISSN: 01622870
E-ISSN: 1536013X

At the forefront of contemporary arts criticism and theory, October focuses critical attention on the contemporary arts and their various contexts of interpretation: film, painting, music, photography, performance, sculpture, and literature. Examining relationships between the arts and their critical and social contexts, October addresses a broad range of readers.


School Arts:

v.55- , 1955-present

Published by: Davis Publications, Inc.
ISSN: 0036-6463

A professional journal for teachers interested in or involved in art education, published monthly during the school year (9 issues). Covers visual culture, art history, criticism, aesthetics, and art production, and includes lesson plans and classroom resources for grades K-12.



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