Mobile Device Loan Policies

When a patron wants to checkout a mobile device, we ask them to sign a user agreement form. Patrons only have to sign this form once each semester and we record their agreement in the patrons library account.
Electronic Device User Agreement

For borrowing the i-Pad, Kindle eReader, Nook color, and Kobo eReader

Guidelines for Borrowing and Use:

  1. Electronic Devices are available for loan to current students, faculty and staff of Martin Luther College
  2. The patron must be in possession of a valid MLC ID card in good standing (no outstanding fines) and current up to date contact information.
  3. The Library reserves the right to refuse service to anyone who abuses equipment, is repeatedly late in returning loaned materials, or places the electronic device in the bookdrop.
  4. The electronic device user agreement and guidelines will be read, completed and signed with each checkout.
  5. Lending periods: e-Reader’s are for 14 days with no renewal. The iPad has a lending period for 4 days with no renewal. Late fees for all electronic devices are $5.00 per day that the library is open.

By reading and completing this User Agreement and Guideline form:

  1. I agree to assume full responsibility for the MLC Library’s electronic device and accessories, and abide by these conditions during the time that it is loaned to me.
  2. I will personally return the electronic device, and all accessories, to the person at the circulation desk. This means that I will not return the electronic device in the book drop, leave it on the circulation counter, or any other location unattended.
  3. I will protect the device from direct sunlight, heat, as in an enclosed car, water, or other elements that would damage the equipment.
  4. If I have any technical problems, I will return the electronic device immediately to the person at the Circulation Desk
  5. I will be fully responsible for removing/transferring any documents, software or apps purchased or added to the digital device before returning it. All user information and content will be removed when the equipment is returned and cannot be recovered by the Library.
  6. I agree to pay overdue fees, repair/or replacement costs, should the electronic device or any accessories be lost, stolen, or damaged, in any way while it is checked out to me.
  7. I acknowledge that the failure to pay any amount owed, will be considered an outstanding dept to Martin Luther College, and the fees will be added to my college account, or I will be billed directly for the amount.
  8. I agree that failure to comply with any of these rules and guidelines will result in the loss of the privilege of borrowing an electronic device in the future.