Computer Use

Library Computer Workstations

The Library Computers are located on the upper level of the library and provides 10 computer stations with printing availability. Nine computer stations are located on the lower level in the Group Study Room. There are individual stations and also computers in the group study area. Groups will have preference to the group study rooms. MLC students, faculty, and staff have computer network accounts, providing access to e-mail, word-processing, spreadsheet & database functions, library catalog, database resources, other utilities, and Internet access. If there is any problem with logging in, contact Network Services at 354-8221 ext.100 or These computers are capable of burning files to CDs and saving to a USB flash drive or the network.

Public Computer Use

Computers with internet access are available to the general public. Ask at the circulation desk for username and password information. Printing from the computers is not provided for guests.


All computers are connected to a network black/white and colored printer. Printing to the network printers is metered at a cost of $0.05 per black/white page. The cost of printing is deducted from the student patron’s network account.

Color Printing

Color printing of material is available by selecting the HP M551 printer. The color printer is located at the computer stations on the upper level.

MLC Library Acceptable Use Policy

Acceptable use of the MLC network is based on common sense, common decency, and civility applied to the network computing environment. Use the college’s computing resources and facilities for legitimate college-related purposes. Show courtesy in sharing computer time. Give priority to classroom and school-related projects.

Misuse of Computers*

Unacceptable uses include, but are not limited to, the following:

  • Using the network for any purpose which violates federal/state laws.
  • Using the network for commercial purposes.
  • Misrepresenting your identity in the use of the network.
  • Using an IP address not assigned to you.
  • Sending or storing patently harassing, intimidating, abusive or sexually explicit material.
  • Intercepting or altering network packets or data transmissions.
  • Causing congestion on the network by activities such as propagating ‘chain letters’, ‘broadcasting’ messages to groups or individuals, and playing of interactive network multi-user games.
  • Copying, storing, and/or distributing copyrighted materials without appropriate authorization. Unauthorized copying may constitute plagiarism or theft.
  • Unacceptable uses of the network may result in reprimand, loss of Internet access, loss of your network account or other disciplinary actions.

*Taken from The Knight’s Daybook pages 30-31.

For more information and help with computer access contact Network Services Office (WCC 293) during business hours.