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Finding Articles


When You Know the Article You Are Looking For:


When you have a citation or reference for an article in hand and want to find a copy of the article, you will want to do what is called a 'known item search.'

      • First, search the library catalog to see if we have the journal of the article in print.

Then, use the Library's Articles by Citation , which provides links to electronic versions (if available) of articles. Using the Search by Database, Advanced Search option, fill in each of the known fields (author and title are best). Select "All" databases or the database of your choice.

    • Another resource to find articles of a known source is Journal Titles A-Z. This search will take you to the table of contents of your journal to browse and select the known article title.

When You Know the Topic of the Article:


If you are looking for an article or articles on a particular subject or topic, you will want to use what is known as a 'bibliographic database or index'.

    • Use Articles Search to find the right database or index for your topic. Begin with a Basic search and Subject Category, using one of the preselected, subject-based database groups. By selecting a subject group you can do a search in an individual database or search multiple databases at once. Use the Field drop-down menu to select the type of search you want to do.
    • Subject searching is also available in Journal Titles A-Z . A subject search results in a list of sub-categories, and related journal titles. Selecting a journal title will provide the database or index in which this title is held. Choose a database and continue searching for articles associated with your subject search.

Looking for a "peer-reviewed" or scholarly journal article?

    • Use the Discovery Search and mark the check box for peer reviewed or scholarly article to limit your results.

If you must, here's some tips for using Google Scholar.

Smart Google Searching