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April Poems 2013

The 2013 MLC Library, April Poetry Contest resulted in a record 34 entries. We would like to thank the student body for their participation and sharing their thoughts and ideas through poetry. Awards this year were given to four individuals. Two entries tied for first place and two other entries tied for third place. Results are listed below. Enjoy!


Submitted Entries:

Sitting Alone with God You Made the Path I Walk On Words
After a Run The Reason That It Sings Cows
On a Rainy Sort of Day The Leaf Becrowned Brow
Time & Punishment GOD'S LOVE Shadows
Crows Stretching into Eternity THE FIGHTING MEN
Ears for Chewing, Mouths for Morsels In your eyes, love
The Thoughts of a Raving Lunatic
The Ship Whose Name Was Vintage Memories To Be Kept
One For My Parents, On Leaving Home This Is MLC
Grace Alone Farewell to Football
Anger, Like a Fire The Earthly Timepiece For Grandpa
Taken Aback Open Road We Were Born in the Rain