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April Poems - 2010

1st Place:

Title: Absent by Lisa R. Nickle

2nd Place:

Title: Begins by Jordan Paustian

3rd Place:

Title: Anticipation by Nicole J. Knittle



Words, Words, Words

clinging tightly to my pen,

caring little for my pride.

There was a time when I could

Command them with a stroke,

Wield them as my own.

Now they resist my guidance,

shun my enlightened hand

to shame.


Fickle creatures!


Once, they could not wait

to deck the naked sheet.

Now they cower in their stay,

the pen their chosen solace.

What has sent them a trembling?

Dammed their pulsing flow?

Have I worked them near to breaking?

Scarred them bloody with my ink?


What e’er the cause of fleeting muse,

I hope to charm her back to use.


Original writing courtesy of Lisa R. Nickle. Copyright © 2009 Lisa R. Nickle. All rights reserved.

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Life began, light began,

From night came the first day.

Dust so dry was given breath,

Was given words to say.


Verse began, love began,

Tide by the moon was kept.

Alone but never lonely,

Friend given as he slept.


Death began, tears began,

The snake brought the first stain.

Innocence was taken when

They tried to knowledge gain.


Sin began, hate began.

Man from God would sever.

Love forgave when backs were turned,

Life assured forever.


A life began, our life began.

Angels still sing and sigh;

The One the world sings praise to

Was born the One to die.


Verse began, love began

As people came to see—

Shepherds, magi, fishermen;

The guilty now set free.


Death began, tears began

As their hope seemed to die;

Killed for those who waited long

Could not see truth from lie.


Pain began, the end began;

The Savior led to death.

For the ones who nailed him there,

He gave his final breath.


Life was gone, hope was gone.

They carried to the tomb

The King by heaven given

They walked away in gloom.


Fear began, tears began

But then he wiped them dry.

Eyes that thought they saw the end

Saw they would never die.


Life began, hope began;

My God rose from the grave,

Shattered all the chains of death

His foolish world to save.


Hope began, faith began,

Though some still turn away.

Hardened hearts are growing cold

Though burned by light of day.


Life began, Love began

And washed away our sins.

The glory that we live for;

Life ends and then begins.


Original writing courtesy of Jordan Paustian. Copyright © 2010 Jordon Paustian. All rights reserved.

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Standing in the Glory of God

Looking all around

Seeing the astounding wonders surround me


People from all generations

Awed at the Greatness of God

Some rejoicing, others mourning


God’s presence is much more than phenomenal

We cannot comprehend

The Wonder and Glory and Power and Strength that is our God


Standing in the Glory of God

Looking all around

Hearing the rejoicing of His name surround me.


Original writing courtesy of  Nicole J. Knittle. Copyright © 2010 Nicole J. Knittle. All rights reserved.

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