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April Poems - 2009


2009 Poetry Finalists

1st Place: Tie

Title: A Child's Eyes by Sasha Bulwerk

Title: City Snow by Sasha Bulwerk

2nd Place:

Title: Prayer by Ginny Stuedemann

3rd Place:

Title: No Man Left Behind by Kristie Peitsmeyer


A Child’s Eyes


In a child’s eyes, brightly

Glows fervent curiosity

Dancing like a candle’s flame

Eager, daring, unashamed,

Drinking in all that they see.


“How? Why not? What now? Why me?”

Candid, earnest inquiry

Profoundly painted, simply framed

In a child’s eyes.


Reddening when tears flow free;

Lashes fluttering when drowsy;

Lit up at a favorite game

Or shadowed, veiled in fear and blame—

Life burns with bright intensity

In a child’s eyes.

Original writing courtesy of Sasha Bolwerk. Copyright © 2009 Sasha Bolwerk. All rights reserved.



City Snow



Softest pools of golden light

Casting shadows in the night

City streetlamps burning bright


City life begins to stall

Heeding slumber’s distant call

Downy snowflakes start to fall


Cold north wind that swirls around

Chills the bones without a sound

Forms snow rivers on the ground


Swirling showers from the sky

City sleeping warm and dry

As the snowflakes tumble by


Blanketed in glitt’ring white

Such a wondrous, glorious sight

Hailing all to sun’s first light

Original writing courtesy of Sasha Bolwerk. Copyright © 2009 Sasha Bolwerk. All rights reserved.





Dear Lord,

I get lonely sometimes,

Longing for home.

Faces of those I left behind

Beckon and call,

But I cannot come;

I cannot go.


I am here for you,

Yet not a day goes by

That I do not think of home…

Of those I left behind.

Though my heart pleads,

I cannot come;

I cannot go.


Why, Lord, must I second guess

your plan for me,

Wishing I was home

instead of here?

My mind reasons other ways,

Yet I cannot;

I cannot go.


But this I pray,

That you sustain and guide

Until I journey home,

And beyond those days

To heaven’s door,

I can come;

I can go home.


Original writing courtesy of Ginny Stuedemann. Copyright © 2009 Ginny Stuedemann. All rights reserved.