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November 28

Lord Jesus, you are the Shepherd of tender youth. We pray that you continue to bless Christian education among us. May all our churches and schools hold high the lamp of true wisdom, your holy Word. Then and only then will you shine forth as the light of salvation to this world lost in the darkness of confusion and fear. We pray that you touch our hearts with an intense desire to support all efforts to train our youth.  Please, dear Jesus, bless also the early childhood ministries in our church body and help parents understand that such Christ- centered ministries are places where even the smallest children will hear the one thing needful. Bless our work here at MLC to enlarge and enhance the training of preschool teachers and directors. If it be your gracious will, move the hearts of many Christians to generously support the effort to raise funds for a new facility and for enhanced scholarships to benefit early childhood ministries. In all our education endeavors, pour out the Spirit, and through the teaching of the Word “let the little children come” to the Savior, now and forever.