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Why did Cynthia Lange join the MLC master's program?

Cynthia Lange ’81 admits that embarking on a master’s program was both frightening and thrilling. Now, a 2011 graduate, she is so happy she took the leap.

“Nervous” and “neurotic” are words she uses for how she felt when she began the program in 2007. “Oh, wow! I was extremely nervous about starting—and at the same time thrilled. Earning a master’s degree had been a long-held personal and professional goal, but I was a neurotic mess because my computer skills were so limited. I didn’t know how I was going to manage an online class and projects at a graduate level.”

Thinking back to her first course, she remembers asking her daughter how to do something rather basic on the computer. “She was shocked I hadn’t learned that in school. You should have seen her face when I told her we only had typewriters when I was in school!

“So I overcame my fear of embarrassing myself and began asking for help,” she says. “The professors and my fellow classmates were always encouraging and helpful. In every class I learned so much more than was listed on the syllabus!”

Four years later, Cyn says the program was well worth the time and effort. She sees many benefits—for herself, for her K-2 students at St. Luke in Vassar, Michigan, and for her congregation.

 “I’ve changed some of my instructional practices and refined others. I believe I have become a more effective and confident teacher. That’s not to say I know everything now. Hardly! I believe teachers are always a work in progress, striving to hone their craft. The more you learn, the more you realize you have a lot to learn!"