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Tips for Online Advising

Martin Luther College faculty members and adjunct faculty members serve as graduate advisors. Advising responsibilities include the following.

• Upon assignment of an advisee, contact the advisee to get acquainted and to clarify the advisee’s goals.

• Contact the advisee a minimum of once a year to check in with the advisee.


Your advice might include the following:

• Advise course selection

• Monitor student’s progress

• Encourage student

• Give advice regarding the student’s decision to complete a comprehensive examination or capstone project decision

• Give advice regarding student’s committee members

• Give advice regarding the capstone project proposal (if applicable)

• Guide the student’s IRB application (if applicable)

• Guide the capstone project (if applicable) so project meets graduate-level standards

• Serve as chair of advisee’s capstone project committee

• If at all possible, attend advisee’s graduation