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Advisor Tip: Committee Members

Advisors are asked to play a more active role in a student’s selection of committee members. The goals are to increase student responsibility and to ensure reflective selections of committee members. The additional work for advisors will be minimal.

The student takes the initiative to propose his committee to the advisor before contacting any committee members. Student choices for committee members should be thoughtful and based upon their area of emphasis, interest, and in the case of a capstone project - the nature of their research. Asking students to explain their committee member choices to their advisors will encourage them to be reflective.
Advisors, especially adjuncts, may be concerned that they are not familiar with the gifts of other faculty members. While an advisor may not be familiar with the gifts of the other faculty, noting the courses taught by those faculty members will indicate whether the choice may be logical. The advisor is encouraged to consult with the program director as needed.
Once the advisor approves of the student's committee selections, the responsibility to contact the potential committee members and secure their agreement lies with the student.