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Advisor Tip: Capstone Project & Committee

Before selecting committee members the student and advisor will have discussed a tentative capstone project proposal. The advisor will want to consult the appropriate section of the Graduate Faculty Handbook for additional information.

When selecting a capstone project, the following could be considered:

  1. What questions or concerns does the student have about their classroom, school, or education (the WELS) in general?
  2. Are the questions or concerns ones that apply to the larger context of teaching or specifically to the teacher’s context?
  3. Which area of the student’s ministry or employment would be enhanced by the in-depth study of a specific topic?
  4. What type of capstone project (field project, curriculum review, internship, or thesis) will best accomplish the student’s goals?
  5. In the case of a field project or thesis, would a quantitative or qualitative study produce the best results?

Guidelines for advising the student’s committee member selections (capstone project)

  1. Which of the courses the student has completed have a relationship to the proposal? Should those instructors be considered for service on the committee?
  2. Which faculty members have the knowledge and expertise regarding the subject of the project and thus would provide the best help and guidance as the student prepares the proposal and completes the project? The advisor may wish to consult with the Director of Graduate Studies depending on how well they know other faculty members.
  3. Does the capstone project require sophisticated statistical analysis? If so, which faculty member can provide that expertise and thus should be included on the committee? Or might there be another resource person (other than a faculty member) who could provide such expertise? Again, the advisor can contact the Director of Graduate Studies for additional insight.