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Tuition and Fees 2014-2015

Graduate Studies

Per credit course tuition is set by the administration of Martin Luther College. 

For the graduate studies program, a one-time program application fee and a graduation fee are charged. The comprehensive examination fee and the tuition for capstone projects are paid before beginning them.




Room and Board (summer only)

Billing Error or Dispute

Errors or disputes about a charge are first addressed to the billing department of the Financial Services Office informally via email, phone, etc. If the matter is not resolved informally, the student writes a letter detailing a description of the presumed error and the dollar amount. The letter is addressed to the Chief Financial Officer who makes the final determination concerning the error or dispute.


Refund Policy

  • Five business days from email billing: full refund of tuition and fees
  • From five business days after billing to the days listed in the following chart: full refund of tuition; no refund of tuition and fees


  • From the above days until 60% of course completion: pro rata refund of tuition according to partial refund guidelines; no refund of fees. Course percentage refers to the ratio of course days completed to total course days.
  • From 60% to end of course: no refund.



Non-Refundable Fees

Non-refundable fees are the program application fee, course registration fees, course technology fees, and comprehensive examination fee.

  • Application Fee:  $35
  • 3-Credit Course Tuition/Fees:  $290/credit + $25 technology fee + $10 registration fee = $905
  • 3-Credit Capstone:  $290/credit = $870
  • 6-Credit Capstone:  $290/credit = $1740
  • Comprehensive Exam:  $290
  • Graduation Fee:  $140


Program Costs

Option 1:  Coursework and Comprehensive Exam

Option 2:  Coursework and 3-Credit Capstone

Option 3:  Coursework and 6-Credit Capstone