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Long-Term Course Calendar

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Course # F14 Sp15 Su15 F15 Sp16 Su16 F16 Sp17 Su17 F17 Sp18 Su18 F18 Sp19 Su19
EDT5001 X X X X
EDT5002 X X
EDT5003 X X X
EDT5004 X X X
EDT5005 X X X X X
EDT5006 X X X X X
EDU5001 X X X X X
EDU5002 X X X
EDU5003 X X X
EDU5004 X X
EDU5005 X X X X X
EDU5006 X X X
EDU5010 X X X
EDU5011 X X X
2014-2015 2015-2016 2016-2017 2017-2018 2018-2019
Course # F14 Sp15 Su15 F15 Sp16 Su16 F16 Sp17 Su17 F17 Sp18 Su18 F18 Sp19 Su19
EDU5101 X X
EDU5102 X X X
EDU5103 X X X
EDU5105 X X X X
EDU5106 X X X X X
EDU5107 X X X
EDU5109 X X X
SPE5206 (formerly EDU5201) X X X
SPE5207 (formerly EDU5202) X X X X X X
SPE5202 (formerly EDU5203) X X X
SPE5204 (formerly EDU5204) X X
SPE5205 (formerly EDU5205) X X
SPE5201 (formerly EDU5207) X X X X X
EDU5301 X X X X
EDU5302 X X X X
EDU5304 X X


EDT5001 Enhancing Curriculum With Technology
EDT5002 Emerging Technologies
EDT5003 Multimedia Technologies
EDT5004 Coordinating Technology in Education
EDT5005 Teaching Online
EDT5006 Designing and Constructing Online Courses

EDU5001 Issues in Education
EDU5002 The School as a Learning Community
EDU5003 Curriculum Design and Implementation
EDU5004 Family Issues in Education
EDU5005 Foundations of Educational Research
EDU5006 Foundations of Ministry
EDU5010 Diversity Issues in Education*
EDU5011 Classroom Research

EDU5101 A Balanced Approach to Reading Instruction
EDU5102 Integrating the Language Arts
EDU5103 Improving Instruction in Mathematics and Science
EDU5105 Improving Instruction Methodology*
EDU5106 Assessment of Learning and Instruction
EDU5107 Cognitive Psychology
EDU5109 Designing Classroom Instruction*

EDU5301 Educational Leadership
EDU5302 Supervision of Instruction
EDU5304 School Law

SPE5201 (formerly EDU5207) Human Exceptionalities in the Classroom*
SPE5202 (formerly EDU5203) Diagnosis and Assessment of Students with Special Needs
SPE5204 (formerly EDU5204) Diagnosis and Remediation of Reading Difficulties
SPE5205 (formerly EDU5205) Communication Disabilities
SPE5206 (formerly EDU5201) Teaching Children with Learning Disabilities
SPE5207 (formerly EDU5202) Behavioral and Emotional Disabilities

* indicates courses required for post-baccalaureate MN state teaching license