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2015-2016 Class Calendar

The calendar for graduate courses follows the academic calendar. Instructors communicate any calendar variations. Students receive instructor contact information with their enrollment confirmation. All classes are online unless otherwise noted.


Fall 2015 (8/24/2015-12/11/2015)Instructor
EDT5002 Emerging Technologies Jason Schmidt
EDU5003 Curriculum Design and Implementation John Meyer
EDU5004 Family Issues in Education  Kenneth Kremer
EDU5107 Cognitive Psychology Stephanie Ramsey
EDU5304 School Law  Robert Klindworth 
SPE5204 Diagnosis and Remediation of Reading Difficulties Carrie Pfeifer
SPE5207 (formerly EDU5202) Behavior & Emotional Disabilities Dennis Gulcynski
EDU5309 Leadership for Change John Meyer


Spring 2016 (1/11/2016-5/6/2016)Instructor
EDT5001 Enhancing Curriculum with Technology                           James Grunwald
EDT5005 Teaching Online James Grunwald
EDU5103 Improving Instruction in Math and Science Paul Boehlke
EDU5106 Assessment of Learning and Instruction Carla Melendy

SPE5203 Transition Planning and Collaboration in Special Eduation

Daryl Hanneman
EDU5301 Educational Leadership Daniel Johnson
EDU5310 School Business Administration Jeffrey Lemke


Summer 2016 (6/6/2016-7/29/2016)Instructor
EDT5006 Designing and Constructing Online Classes                               James Grunwald
EDU5001 Issues in Education David Wendler
EDU5005 Foundations of Educational Research John Meyer/Paul Tess
EDU5101 A Balanced Approach to Reading Instruction Cynthia Whaley
EDU5105 Improving Instruction Methodology Gene Pfeifer
SPE5201 Educating the Exceptional Learner Daryl Hanneman
SPE5205 Communication Disabilities Carol Angell
EDU5302 Supervision of Instruction Jeffrey Wiechman
EDU5308 Leading the School Community John Meyer


Registration for online courses:
Current semester course information and registration is available on the Continuing Education webpage according to the following schedule:

    Fall semester – beginning July 1
    Spring semester – beginning October 15
    Summer semester – beginning February 15




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John Meyer, Director of Graduate Studies
Valerie Fischer, Administrative Assistant