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YOU Can Be a Graduate Student!

By Dr. John Meyer

Now is the time to start planning to get your master’s degree. Some students, like May 2013 graduate Calista Leistekow, began their graduate studies right away. Others get a year or two of experience first. Both are great! The important thing is that teachers are interested in learning and improving.

Admittedly, it’s hard to think about being a graduate student when you haven’t even graduated. Recently, some MLC seniors told me they thought that “master’s degrees are for those who are just really into teaching or want to teach in the public schools.”

But that’s not true. For a Christian teacher, continuing your education is about being faithful to one’s calling. There is no way to learn everything about teaching in college, and learning about teaching means so much more when you have some actual experience. How many times in class did you hear someone begin an insightful comment with, “When I was student teaching,” or “When I was in my clinical…”?

Enroll in the MLC Master of Science in Education program and become a leader in your school!

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