A Tremendous Value

“You get what you pay for” can be good advice, but it’s not always true. Better advice is to seek maximum value for minimum cost. Many Lutheran schools are tremendous values. Parents who choose Lutheran schools get more than they pay for because their children receive a quality education together with the gospel of Jesus at a low cost. The tuition at most Lutheran schools reflects the goal to freely share the gospel, not turn a profit. Like Lutheran schools, the MLC graduate studies program is a tremendous value.

Graduate students at MLC receive maximum value through a high-quality education. Students learn from instructors who are experts in their fields and bring diverse perspectives. The courses are designed to provide students with opportunities for practical application. Many students use what they learn immediately in their schools and classrooms. MLC’s graduate courses are constantly monitored to ensure that they meet the rigorous standards demanded for distance learning by our accrediting agency and the U.S. Department of Education.

At MLC, graduate students receive more than they pay for. MLC’s graduate program exists to serve Lutheran schools and teachers, not to generate revenue for the college, so its tuition reflects MLC’s value of service to the church. For that reason tuition is set at the lowest possible cost needed to provide high-quality education. At $250 per credit, no other institution offers a more affordable way to earn a high-quality graduate degree.