Quality is important to Martin Luther College graduate students. They are busy teachers who work hard for the Lord and for their students. They need their graduate studies to provide maximum ministry benefit. At MLC teachers find the quality they need in graduate studies. Read what our 2012 master’s graduates say about MLC's quality.

Carrie Meyer: “The quality of the classes was just out of this world. I felt totally enriched and didn’t feel that I could get a better education anywhere else.”

Jason Kelly: “The MLC program is one of the top-notch programs that I’ve been associated with. I did start a master’s degree program at other universities but did not finish through on those. I chose MLC’s master’s program because of the top-notch faculty members who teach there.”

Kip Wilson: “One of the biggest things, I think, for taking this online curriculum is the quality of the classes.”

Alan Nolte: “I’m very impressed and tremendously pleased with the quality of the faculty that Martin Luther College has put together for their graduate program.”

Why is the MLC master’s program such a great experience? It is clearly the Lord’s blessings on his people as they seek to serve him with the best of their abilities. Graduate students and faculty alike take to heart God’s command, “Whatever you do, do it all for the glory of God” (1 Cor. 10:31).