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Respected Professors

The quality of an education hinges upon the strength of its faculty. In their first semester end-of-course surveys, graduate students revealed that they consider their instructors to be a strength of MLC’s graduate program. Graduate students overwhelmingly rated their instructors as knowledgeable, responsive, and able to provide valuable feedback and advice. One reason MLC graduate faculty can provide insight is that they know both their content and the context of Lutheran schools.

Last semester, 95% of the end-of-course survey respondents agreed that their instructors knew what they were talking about. In fact, 76% strongly agreed. As one student reported, “Dr. XXXX is an excellent instructor – I learned so much from this course.”

Survey respondents typically enjoy their interactions with the graduate professors. Ninety-three percent agreed (80% strongly) that their instructors were easy to contact, and 93% also agreed that the instructor’s responses were quick and helpful. The following comments were typical:

  • “I greatly appreciated the comments of the instructor. This was the highlight of the class.”
  • “Answers to questions were always prompt and helpful. I appreciated the practical and useful comments and feedback provided.”

Recent graduate Jason Kelley (MS Ed) explained it this way: “I chose MLC’s master’s program because of the top-notch faculty members who teach there. At times they expect quite a bit from you, but I’m very happy about that because they push you for your best with the gifts and talents the Lord has given to you.”

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