What Teachers Need

The title caught my attention: “Master’s Degree in English: Will Mow Lawns.” This article appeared in the November issue of Chronicle of Higher Education. It tells of the increasing number of graduate students earning degrees for which there is no market or use in the real world. It reminded me of many conversations I’ve had with undergraduate students and some existing teachers.

Awash in a culture of specialization and choice, many think of graduate studies as a chance to pursue a narrow interest. However, in ministry the need for a specialized degree is limited. As teachers serve in ministry they find that what they really need is to learn how to fulfill their calling . . . better.

What do our teachers need? They tell us they need to grow as a teacher, as a leader, as a technology user, or in meeting the needs of all learners. They need a program that transforms theory into practical application, takes them beyond the WELS boundaries, is flexible according to their ministry demands, and is affordable. That describes MLC’s graduate program, the only master’s program specifically designed for WELS teachers. Unlike graduate degrees with little market value and few job placements, the MLC Master of Science in Education degree is exactly what WELS teachers need.