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It's About Ministry

For many of the MLC graduate students, the classroom is more than teaching. It’s about ministry. So while they are concerned with helping students learn to read, to make calculations, to write clearly, and to understand their place in the world, their passion is guiding children to trust in their Savior and to grow in God’s love. Their “job” is to help students understand God’s wisdom and love while providing instruction in the sciences and the humanities.

Teachers in ministry don’t only teach children to love to read; they teach them how to love reading about whatever is true, noble, right, pure, lovely, and admirable (Philippians 4:8). They don’t teach students to discover how nature is evolving; they teach of God’s wisdom in creation. They don’t teach multiculturalism; they teach how God loves all people in Christ. They don’t just attempt to modify behavior; they let the Holy Spirit work through God’s Word.

As graduate students, teachers who minister don't merely want to study what the research says about how children learn. They want to use that knowledge to meet the needs of each child and to love each child as Christ does. They don't only want to learn how to be a leader, but how to lead people to the gospel. Because teaching isn't a job or even a career. It's a ministry.