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The Importance of Graduation

Why is the Martin Luther College graduation ceremony a special celebration? It is a worship service to praise the Lord for the gifts he has provided to his church. We celebrate the blessings that God gives us in people who have dedicated their lives in service to the church and are prepared for entry into ministry or seminary training. While we are used to recognizing the accomplishment of the bachelor’s degree recipients, it is equally important to publicly recognize those who earn their master’s degree.

The Master of Science in Education graduates demonstrate faithfulness to their calling in several ways. First, they dedicate their lives to students, schools, and congregations. They serve on “the front lines” of gospel ministry. We publicly thank them for their service to the Lord.

Second, they are developing the gifts that God has given them. They recognize the value of coaching by professors and collaboration with peers to hone their skills and expand their abilities. They have built on their strengths and tackled their weaknesses as they strive for excellence in ministry. Not content to be satisfied with the status quo, they search for ways to serve more students, better.

Third, they have sacrificed of their time and energy to improve their service in their calling. They steal from their personal time and forego rest to add coursework and studies to an already full schedule. All eight graduates this year are full-time gospel ministers. They lead schools, preschools, athletics, and classrooms in addition to tending to their families. We praise God that he has given them the desire, strength, and energy to complete this program of instruction.

Our eight MS Ed graduates serve as examples for WELS teachers to imitate and an encouragement for those in the program to complete their goal. As the WELS College of Ministry, MLC celebrates these gifts to his church, and we invite those within the WELS to join us in praising God for providing these faithful servants.