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Holding Up the Prophets' Hands

I am frequently asked how I like my new position as director of MLC’s graduate program. My response is that I really enjoy it because I get to support teachers on the front lines of Gospel ministry. God uses faith-filled teachers in Lutheran schools to defeat the “spiritual forces of evil” (Eph. 6:12) in a spiritual battle for the eternal souls of children. It is my privilege to help in holding up the teachers’ hands when they get tired.
The Old Testament enemies of God’s people, the Amalekites, attacked them on their journey to the promised land. As long as Moses’ hands were raised to God in prayer, Israel was winning the battle. But Moses grew tired. So God supplied Aaron and Hur to support his arms, and the Amalekites were defeated (Exodus 17: 8-15).
As God supplied help for Moses, so also the MLC master’s program is a tool that God has given his Gospel ministers to encourage them and renew their zeal. In our student survey last January, one student wrote about the program, “It has revitalized my ministry. I feel more empowered to serve.”
As the director, it is a privilege to help our graduate students in any way possible. Our students have ministry challenges, family hardships, financial struggles, and program issues. I pray for them, offer encouragement and advice, and perform actions on their behalf. Graduate students are encouraged to share their concerns with me because I am honored to serve God’s servants.