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Everything Through Christ

Just think what could be done if only we had enough time and money! How often a congregation passes on a ministry opportunity because of a lack of time and money. Called workers, too, may use the boundaries of time and money as limits in their own ministry. For example, although 91.3%* of WELS teachers believe that continuing education is necessary for their ministries, 73.7%** list time and money as the key factors for not doing it.

Jesus wants us to remember that work in his kingdom is more than counting resources. When he commanded his disciples to feed the 5,000, they responded that they did not have enough money or food. How could Jesus expect them to spend eight months wages on bread (Mark 6: 30-44)? When he fed the crowd with food to spare using five loaves of bread and two small fish, Jesus demonstrated that work in his kingdom is not limited by the power of earthly resources.

While stewardship of our time and money is God-pleasing, it is easy to see the very real resource limits and forget that with God “all things are possible” (Matt 19: 26). The Apostle Paul provided a good example. He did not say, “I can do everything if I have enough time and money.” He said, “I can do everything through him who gives me strength” (Phil. 4:13 NIV).

Wanting to serve God’s people better through graduate studies involves time and money. MLC graduate students are encouraged to focus on the opportunities that their studies provide for improving their gospel ministry and not be distracted by what may appear to be limited resources. Pray that God blesses your ministry with the resources you need to complete your degree trusting that he can provide.

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