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Making a Difference

Graduate Studies Newsletter September 2013 Edition

What a joy! Nearly every day I get to meet a current or prospective MLC graduate student. As I listen to each person’s story, I thank God for providing educational leaders who are making a difference for the children, families and churches they serve. One student at a time, these teachers make real differences that impact real lives.

The reality is that studying for a degree while juggling the needs of family and ministry is hard. But despite Satan’s attempts to distract with downsizing, discouragement or disillusionment, Jesus’ loving forgiveness motivates our graduate students to seize the opportunities before them to grow in knowledge and skills with a vision of carrying the banner of Jesus’ gospel forward. I can imagine how the Apostle Paul felt when he penned these words to the Philippians, “I thank my God every time I remember you” (Phil. 1:3).

I want to bring you the stories of your fellow graduate students so that you can join me in thanking our gracious God for the gifts he has given to his Church. In this newsletter, on the MLC Graduate Studies website, and on Facebook you will be able to see our stories and rejoice!