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Mathematical Problem Solving That Works

Lutheran educators work to create lessons that are student based.  This course familiarizes the teacher with a number of Mathematical instructional strategies.  This short, one-credit, online course will deepen participants’ Instructor Benjamin Bainunderstanding of the role teachers have in developing effective problem-solving skills. 

This course makes use of the Teaching That Works instructional model. This model is based upon research-based professional development practice.

Participants in this course will understand the role a teacher plays in developing problem-solving skills in students.  Participants will study five research-based recommendations for effectively developing problem solving skills in students.  After seeing a mathematics problem solving lesson modeled, participants will carry out the approach by creating and teaching a lesson incorporating at least two of the recommendations presented in the literature and by designing an appropriate rubric for assessing student work.  Participants will reflect on the lesson and suggest ways to grow and improve.

Instructor: Benjamin Bain, MLC '98 and MLC MS Ed '10