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Theology Courses Long-Term Calendar

Course # F14 Sp15 Su15 F15 Sp16 Su16  F16 Sp17 Su17
THE8508 THE8508
THE8509 THE8509
THE8510 THE8510
THE8511 THE8511
SMN2001 SMN2001
SMN2003 SMN2003
SMN3010 SMN3010
THE2101  THE2101
2014-2015 2015-2016 2016-2017
F14 Sp15 Su15 F15 Sp16 Su16 F16 Sp17 Su17
SMN3031 SMN3031
SMN3040 SMN3040
EDU3215 EDU3215 EDU3215 EDU3215
EDU9540 EDU9540 EDU9540 EDU9540
MUS4201 MUS4201 MUS4201 MUS4201
THE1001 THE1001 THE1001 THE1001 THE1001
THE1002 THE1002 THE1002 THE1002 THE1002
THE2001 THE2001 THE2001 THE2001 THE2001
THE3001 THE3001 THE3001 THE3001 THE3001
THE3002 THE3002 THE3002 THE3002 THE3002
THE4001 THE4001 THE4001 THE4001 THE4001
THE3012 THE3012 THE3012 THE3012


THE9520 Communicating Forgiveness
THE9521 A Scriptural Approach to Addiction Counseling
THE9522 Chaplaincy Issues and Fieldwork
THE9523 Ministering to the Incarcerated and their Families
THE9524 Frontline Chaplaincy
THE9532 Chaplaincy Issues and Fieldwork Seminar

THE8508 Devotional Writing, 1 credit
THE8509 A Closer Look at the Creeds
THE8510 The Proper Distinction between Law and Gospel
THE8511 Writing Bible Studies
THE8512 Devotional Writing, 2 credits

THE2101 (EDU5006/SMN2001) Foundations of Ministry
THE2103 (SMN2003) Biblical Interpretation
THE3101 (SMN3001) Introduction to Youth and Family Ministry
THE3110 (SMN3010) Foundations of Evangelism
THE3111 (SMN3011) Congregational Assimilation and Retention
THE3120 (SMN3020) Parish Education
THE3130 (SMN3030) Caring and Counseling
THE3131 (SMN3031) Parish Visitation
THE3140 (SMN3040) Organization and Administration in the Parish
THE3142 (SMN3042) Developing and Training Leadership

EDU3215 Teaching Religion
EDU9540 Principles of Christian Education
MUS4201 Lutheran Worship

THE1001 Biblical History and Literature I
THE1002 Biblical History and Literature II
THE2001 Biblical History and Literature III
THE2101 The Theology and Practice of Ministry (or EDU5006 Foundations of Ministry)
THE3001 Doctrine I
THE3002 Doctrine II
THE4001 Lutheran Confessional Writings
THE3012 Selections from John's Gospel