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  • Credit balances on student accounts generated by Title IV Federal Financial Aid funds will be refunded within 14 days of receipt.
  • A flat fee of $85 per day on campus is charged when a student discontinues prior to midterm of a semester.  Any account balance will be refunded during this period.  Students discontinuing after midterm of a semester will not receive a credit for tuition, room, and board.  Dropping dropped course after midterm of a semester will not result in a credit for tuition.
  • Students that drop courses between the two week mark and midterm (which changes a student’s status from full-time to part-time) will receive a prorated credit for the courses dropped.   The credit will be calculated as follows: number of credits dropped X $280 per credit / 17 weeks per semester X number of weeks remaining in the semester after dropping the course.   
  • A professional semester is defined as a semester in which student teaching or an internship occurs.  A professional semester is considered one complete semester, regardless of when individual courses start or are completed.  Refunds during the professional semester are made in the same manner as other semesters.
  • A $100 severance fee is charged for early termination of enrollment.
  • A portion of any withdrawal refund may be used to repay financial aid programs.
  • Students who withdraw during the first thirty days of a semester will not receive any institutional grants or scholarships administered by Martin Luther College.
  • In the case of a withdrawing student who received scholarships, refunds will be granted under the intent of the donor organization.  The donor organization will be consulted as to the application of the scholarship between semesters. 
  • Refunds will be issued after all departments have been given adequate time to report any additional charges that need to be applied to the student’s account, such as parking fines, dorm fines, etc.
  • Federal regulations require that a percentage of Title IV funds be returned if withdrawal occurs before completion of 60% of a semester.
  • The Minnesota Office of Higher Education Refund Calculation Worksheet is employed to determine any Minnesota State Grant or SELF loan funds that need to be returned to the State of Minnesota upon withdrawal from MLC.