1. What grade level should I be considering? 
    That depends on your major(s) and which EFE you are doing.  The Grade Level Requirements Chart that shows the grade levels needed for your EFE can be found on the EFE webpage.
  2. What forms do I need? 
    Three forms are necessary: (a) the Approval Form, (b) Student Assessment Form, and (c) Teacher Assessment Form.  All forms are submitted electronically.
  3. What needs to happen for the approval form? 
    The approval form will be used by both you and the cooperating teacher. First, you will complete the form by filling in information related to the experience such as location and dates. When you submit the form, an email is automatically sent from the Education Office to the cooperating teacher who will verify the information on the form and give consent for your participation.
  4. What’s the deadline for the return of the approval form? 
    February 15.  By that date the Education Office should have received the submitted approval form from the cooperating teacher.
  5. What must I do if I can’t complete EFE during spring break because of a conflict with another MLC-sponsored activity?
    Try to get in as many days as you can during spring break and look for an opportunity to complete the remainder immediately following the conclusion of our school year.  Most P-12 schools are in session through the end of May.  Our office should approve any alternative plans you make for EFE.  The deadline for the return of the approval form (February 15) still applies.
  6. How do I report diversity hours earned through EFE? 
    Actually it is the cooperating teacher who will indicate the diversity of the classroom through the Teacher Assessment Form.
  7. What if the cooperating teacher is unable to sign the Student Assessment Form before I leave?
    Ask the teacher to email the Education Office with a brief message that simply confirms that he/she has seen your form including the log of activities for the week.
  8. The Requirements Chart indicates that I should look for a classroom in my endorsement area.  What does this mean?
    One option is to find a departmentalized setting in a larger middle school where the classroom and teacher are subject specific.  The other option is to look for a self-contained, upper grades classroom where the instructor teaches all subjects including the endorsement area.
  9. What if the public school that I would like to work in is hesitant to approve the EFE because they are unfamiliar with MLC?
    Our office can prepare a letter of introduction for the principal that describes MLC, explains the purpose of the EFE, and confirms your status as a student here.  We just need to know the name of the principal and the school address in order to create the introductory letter.
  10. I am working with two teachers.  Do both complete forms? 
    No, the teachers should decide who will take the “lead,” and the lead teacher can complete the forms with input from the other teacher.