1. What grade level should I be considering?

  • That depends on your major(s).  EFE Grade Level Requirements can be found on the MLC website that explains the different grade levels needed for EFE II and EFE III.

2. What forms are necessary?

  • Three forms are needed for EFE II or EFE III: (a) Approval Form, (b) Student Assessment Form, and (c) Teacher Assessment Form.
  • The Approval form is available from the MLC website under the Early Field Experiences page.  Filling out and submitting this form (using the red “Submit Approval Form” button) starts the email train.
    • The approval form is sent to the teacher who fills it out and submits it back to MLC. You’ll find this form in Portal > Forms > About Me
    • 4 days before the start of your experience, the Student Assessment Form is emailed to you with the link inside
    • At the same time, the Teacher Assessment Form is emailed to your supervising teacher with the link enclosed.

3. What needs to happen for the approval form?

  • First contact the Principal of the school where you would like to do your experience.
    • If he/she is unfamiliar with EFE, direct them to the MLC website
  • Once you get his/her permission, contact your supervising teacher.
    • explain what you want, direct him/her to the website for questions and explanations
    • explain that he/she will be receiving an email with the Teacher Assessment Form link enclosed. That will need to be filled out and submitted back to MLC by the end of your experience.

4. Tell me a bit more about that email to the teacher.

  • An example of the body of the email sent out by MLC follows:

Thank you for your willingness to allow my Early Field Experience (EFE) to occur in your classroom.  This email contains the information and link which you will use to submit your electronic approval of the EFE to Martin Luther College.

My name                               Jill D. Candidate
My email                               candjd@mlc-wels.edu
My Student                            ID#16589
Experience                           EFE II (or III)
Dates                                     February 28 – March 6, 2022

Click here to access the approval form.

Thank you for your time in completing and submitting the form.  I am looking forward to the week in your classroom.

5. What’s the deadline for the return of the TEACHER APPROVAL form?

  • February 15.  By that date the Education Office should have received the submitted approval form from the participating teacher.
  • NOTE:  If it is not received by the start of spring break, you will receive an NP for the course and will have to repeat it next semester.

6. What is the deadline for the return of the STUDENT ASSESSMENT form?

  • Friday of the first week of May.  If the Education Office doesn’t receive it by then you will receive an Incomplete.
  • NOTE:  If the Education Office has not received the form by the closing date of summer session (usually the last Friday of July you will receive an NP for the course and will have to repeat it.

7. What if the public school that I would like to work in is hesitant to approve the EFE because they are unfamiliar with MLC?

  • You can direct them to the website, or email them the syllabus which you will find on the website or
  • the Education Office can prepare a letter of introduction that you can email to the school principal that explains MLC and the purpose of the EFE.  We just need to know the name of the principal and the school address in order to create the introductory letter on your behalf.

8. What must I do if I can’t complete EFE during spring break because of a conflict with another MLC-sponsored activity?

  • Try to get in as many days as you can during spring break and look for an opportunity to complete the remainder immediately following the conclusion of our school year.  Most PreK-12 schools are in session through the end of May.
  • Our office should approve any alternative plans you make for EFE.  The deadline for the return of the approval form (February 15) still applies.

9. Do I report diversity hours earned through EFE?

  • No, your classroom supervisor will report diversity hours (if any) on his/her assessment form.
  • The only diversity hours that are reported directly by students are those earned during individual field experiences (IFE) on the MLC website.

10. Is there a place that has all the information I need to know about EFE?