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Land of Lutherans Study Tour

HIS9702 European Renaissance and Reformation / WLS Land of Lutherans Study Tour

HIS9702 European Renaissance and Reformation is a 3-credit course which is open to all MLC students.

  • WartburgPre-seminary students can enroll in the course to fulfill a free elective requirement.
  • Education students can enroll in the course to fulfill a requirement in the History/Social Science major or to fulfill a free elective requirement.
  • Any MLC student can also audit the course.

HIS9702 is part of the MLC Summer 2014 academic offerings. Some students may be eligible for some forms of financial aid. Please see Mr. Gene Slettedahl in the Financial Aid Office.

The course will be offered in conjunction with Wisconsin Lutheran Seminary’s Land of Lutherans Tour. The Study Tour will run from May 25, 2014 - June 5, 2014. Tour leaders from MLC and WLS include

  • James Korthals, Professor of Church History and Homiletics at Wisconsin Lutheran Seminary,
  • James Tiefel, Professor of Worship and Homiletics at Wisconsin Lutheran Seminary, and
  • James Danell, Professor of German at Martin Luther College.

In addition to the tour leaders from MLC and WLS, the Tour operator will provide an expert guide who will lead the group through cities and museums.

This Tour is also open to any guests who wish to participate.

The Tour will visit the following cities and sites:

  • Berlin and its Pergamon Museum and Berlin Dom;
  • Wittenberg (Castle Church, St. Mary’s Church, the Luther House, the Melanchthon House, and the Cranach House);
  • Eisleben, the birthplace of Luther;
  • Eisenach (the home in which Luther lived, St. Georg, and the Wartburg);
  • Erfurt (Augustinian Monastery, St. Mary’s Cathedral, Church of St. Severus);
  • Jena - Leipzig (Johann Gerhard, J.S. Bach; ELFK Seminary);
  • Grimma - Torgau - Dresden (monastery from which Katherine von Bora fled, Hartenfels castle, the city of Renaissance)
  • Prague (Wenceslas Square, Hradcany Castle and St. Vitus Cathedral, Strahov Monastery, Charles University)

See the following web address for a detailed itinerary, costs, and a Tour Reservation Form:

MLC Students who wish to take HIS9702 for credit will need to do the following:

  1. Reserve a spot on the Tour by filling out the Tour Reservation Form available either from Professor Danell or from the WLS Tour website. This Tour Reservation Form must be accompanied by a $350 deposit. The deadline for registering for the tour is February 10, 2014[1]. The Tour Reservation Form and deposit need to be mailed directly to Value Holidays in Mequon, Wi. The mailing address is provided on the Tour Reservation Form.
  2. Make an intermediate payment of $500 directly to Value Holidays of Mequon, WI by January 31, 2014. Mail the payment to the address provided on the Tour Reservation Form.
  3. Register for HIS9702 European Renaissance and Reformation through the MLC Portal beginning February 15, 2014. (Enrollment in the course will require payment of an administrative fee. The amount of the fee will depend on the number of MLC students taking the course for credit. See Professor Danell for details. The due date for payment of this fee has yet to be determined.)
  4. Pay the remaining balance due directly to Value Holidays by April 10, 2014.
  5. Read two texts, one on the Lutheran Reformation and one on the European Renaissance, prior to landing in Berlin.
  6. Prepare for visiting the cities and sites on the Tour.
  7. Participate in all guided tours and keep an electronic journal, including pictures, of cities and sites visited.
  8. Make an independent study of art and architecture of the Renaissance in Europe.
  9. Upon return, write an 8-10 page, thesis-driven paper which demonstrates an aspect of the intersection of the European Renaissance and the Lutheran Reformation. All work (electronic journal, art and architecture student guides, paper) is due at the end of Summer Session II on July 18, 2014.


[1] If you reserve a spot on the Tour between February 1, 2014 and February 10, 2014, then you will need to make an initial payment of $850 ($350 deposit plus $500 intermediate payment) directly to Value Holidays when you mail your Tour Reservation Form.