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Course Offerings

For complete course descriptions, reference the current MLC Undergraduate Catalog

General Education Courses

  • HIS 1101/THE1101 Bible History and Literature I
  • HIS 1102/THE1102 Bible History and Literature II
  • HIS 2101/THE2101 Bible History and Literature III
  • HIS2113 The Modern West: From the Renaissance to World War II
  • HIS3010  United States History Since 1945
  • SSC4201 Introduction to Minority Cultures (Intercultural Elective option)

Social Studies Minor Courses (in addition to General Education Courses)

  • SC 3210 World Regional Geography
  • HIS3024 United States Government
  • HIS3025 The American Scene to 1877
  • SSC3202 Principles of Economics

Social Studies Major Courses (in addition to General Education and Minor Courses)

  • HIS2112 The Rise of the West
  • HIS3104 The Reformation Era
  • HIS4110 Foundations of History
  • SSC2201 Geography of North America
  • SSC3201 Sociology

Elective offerings

  • HIS2120 History of Science
  • HIS3001 Survey of Art
  • HIS3020 Early America: Revolution & Constitution
  • HIS3021 The Union in Crisis
  • HIS3022 America’s Gilded Age and Progressive Era
  • HIS3023 Lutheranism in America
  • HIS3101 The Ancient Near East
  • HIS3102 The High Middle Ages
  • HIS3105 First Century Roman World
  • HIS3110 History of Modern China
  • HIS3121 From Despots to Nation States
  • HIS3125 The Arab-Israeli Conflict
  • HIS4101 The World in the Twentieth Century

Other Courses

  • SSC3030 Introduction to Philosophy
  • SSC3220 Latin American Culture & Civilization