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David Sellnow

David Sellnow

Professor of Theology, Social Studies

Office Phone: (507) 354-8221 ext 348


  1. MS Multidisciplinary Studies, Minnesota State University, Mankato MN
  2. MDiv. Wisconsin Lutheran Seminary, Mequon WI
  3. BA, Northwestern College, Watertown WI


Within the History-Social Sciences division, David Sellnow teaches Introduction to Philosophy, The Modern West, The Arab-Israeli Conflict and From Despots to Nation-States (a course which looks at the French Revolution and its aftermath in European history).  Additionally, he teaches a continuing education series called Big Ideas in Intellectual History.  

Prof. Sellnow also teaches a number of courses for the Theology division, including Symbolics, Lutheran Confessional Writings, and Biblical History and LIterature III, as well as a number of continuing education courses such as Devotional Writing and Writing Bible Studies.   In addition, he chairs MLC's General Education Committee.

Prior to coming to Martin Luther College, Sellnow served in pastoral ministry as an instructor and dormitory supervisor at Michigan Lutheran Seminary (Saginaw MI), an exploratory missionary in Owasso, Oklahoma, and pastor of Shepherd of the Plains Lutheran Church in Lubbock, Texas.   

In service to the synod, Sellnow has served as a circuit pastor, district Parish Services committee chairman, and as a member of WELS Campus Ministry Committee (under the auspices of WELS Home Missions).   He presently serves as an advisory member on WELS Commission on Youth and Family Ministry.   He has done writing for Lutheran Parent and Forward in Christ magazines and for Northwestern Publishing Houses' Family Life book series and His Word--My Life series of Bible studies.  He has served as a writer and editor for WELS Prison Ministry and for The Lutheran Educator.