Need a practical inservice topic?

WebinarsOur webinars offer a short, concentrated format for studying current topics in education.

Courses Include:

  • WEB0101 Understanding Learner Differences
  • WEB0102 Differentiating Instruction to Benefit All Learners  
  • WEB0103 Blend, Enhance, Flip: Recipes for Hybrid Learning
  • WEB0104 Instructional Strategies for Students with Attention Disorders
  • WEB0105 Instructional Strategies for Students with Literacy Disorders
  • WEB0106 Instructional Strategies for Students on the Autism Spectrum
  • WEB0201 (formerly WEB2001) Principles of Public Speaking
  • WEB0801 Teaching the Faith: Will We Instruct or Indoctrinate?  

See Webinar Catalog for course descriptions.

Attention Principals and Early Childhood Directors

Please contact the Office of Continuing Education if you would like to schedule a specific webinar for a specific week.


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