Enser, TraceyNearly every teacher and classroom experiences a student who struggles to focus and learn. The student’s distractions pose a learning challenge to himself and his classmates. What can the teacher do?

This course assists teachers in developing a road map for individual student behavioral success in the classroom using a strategy called Functional Behavior Assessment. Participants will understand the steps to develop an individualized behavioral management plan by focusing on the completion of a Functional Behavior Assessment, a method beneficial for students with and without special needs.  After viewing the steps of a Functional Behavior Assessment to develop a behavioral management plan modeled, participants will carry out this method to create and implement a behavioral management plan that allows the teacher to be proactive with disruptive behaviors in the classroom.  Participants will use feedback and class discussion to reflect on the behavioral management plan and establish ways to grow and improve.

Instructor: Dr. Tracey Enser, MLC ’03

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