The Martin Luther College (MLC) Educational Technology Certificate (ETC) program is designed for teachers in schools seeking to develop skills and strategies for integrating technology into a variety of preK-college curricular settings. The intent of this program is to foster a real connection between technology and learning. Participants who successfully complete the program will demonstrate proficiency in the

  • use of computers and computer-based technologies to support problem solving,
  • data mining and collection,
  • information sharing, and
  • decision making.

Completion of this program will also introduce participants to educationally pertinent media literacy, ethical standards, and legal issues.

While the ETC program is not a degree-granting program, those who are already certified teachers can use the certificate to demonstrate that they are qualified to teach and lead in an environment where technology and education coexist.

Participants who complete 15 credits of ETC program coursework are issued an Educational Technology Certificate through MLC. Those who complete the program can use the certificate in a variety of fields such as

  • scholastic technology consultant,
  • dynamic lead instructor,
  • administrative specialist, or
  • educational technology coordinator.

ETC courses can also be used to build a foundation for the Master of Science in Education program offered through MLC.

All courses will be available through online instruction, but occasionally face-to-face or hybrid options might be offered too.

Program Goals
The Educational Technology Certificate program and its faculty will aid its participants in:

  • Supplementing teacher resources and enhance student achievement through the development of new instructional methodologies
  • Fostering the use and deployment of innovative uses for emerging technologies
  • Using higher-level learning activities to create understanding and practice in the implementation of new and dynamic technologies
  • Collaborating with peers, the community and schools in a technology driven structure.

Entrance Requirements
Bachelor’s degree in education or a bachelor’s degree while currently teaching.