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Previous Graduates

What's Your Status?

If you are an unassigned candidate or are deferring assignment, you will need to inform us whether or not you wish to be considered for an assignment in the future. We do not assume that you remain available. You need to update your status on a semi‐annual basis using the Category Update Form until you are permanently assigned or until you declare (via the Form) that you do not wish to be considered for future assignments. See descriptions and policies related to your status. Information regarding the recertification policy is available.

The Form

  • Click to download the Category Update Form (Microsoft Word document).
  • This form will be available for use:
    • September 1 - November 1 for the December Book of Candidates
    • February 1 - April 1 for the May Book of Candidates

Submitting the Form

  • Complete the form and submit it via email to the Education Office to update your information.
  • Questions? Please contact Mrs. Kristal Miller.

Teacher License

You will want to consider these questions related to licensure when updating your candidate information:

  • Is your teaching license current?
  • Have you kept your license eligibility by renewing your temporary license (if applicable)?
  • Are you aware of the new K-6 standalone license in Minnesota? If not, please contact .
  • Important Reminder - You must have your license or retain your eligibility for a license in order to be considered for assignment.

Records Office

As a courtesy to the MLC Records Office, please contact them at 507‐354‐8221, ext. 222 or kralgl@mlc‐ with your address, phone number, or email updates if they should change from the ones currently on the Portal.

Please understand that it is up to you to inform us of your assignment availability in the future.