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Music and CD's

MLC Choirs on CD

Item #        Recording

CDS-011    2011 Christmas Concert "Born is a Child"

CDS-012    2012 Christmas Concert "Gloria"

CDS-013    2013 Christmas Concert "My Heart Rejoices"

CDS-014    2014 Christmas Concert "Light Revealed"

CDS-211    2011 College Choir Tour "The Only Son From Heaven"

CDS-212    2012 College Choir Tour "Praise the Lord, O My Soul"

CDS-213    2013 College Choir Tour "Wait on the Lord"

CDS-214    2014 College Choir Tour "The Gospel in Song" (includes I will Rise)

CDS-301    O God, Our Help in Ages Past: Anthology of Praise

                     (features College Choirs from 1998 - 2013)


Price: $10.00 each

Please allow up to 6 weeks for us to fill orders of items not currently in stock.



Christian Worship: SHORT LITURGICAL RESPONSES from all orders of worship

by: Charles H. Luedtke

Arranged in the order of increased difficulty, with fingering and pedaling notated, this 7-page booklet is a must-have for the WELS church organist.

Item #: MUO-501

Price: $1.95


A Manual for the Beginning Church Organist

by: James Engel (123 pages)

"This brief manual is designed for the student who wishes to gain the fundamental techniques of organ playing. The primary purpose of this text is to equip the student with those basic skills which will enable him to play hymns and liturgy in order that he might function satisfactorily as a church organist." From the introduction.

Contains chapters on the following subjects:

Manual Techniques

Two-part Manual Compositions

Pedal Exercises

Pedal-Manual Duos

Special Pedal Problems

Playing of Hymns

Three-part Compositions

Item #: MUO-002

Price: $13.35