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Alumni Visa Card

MLCAA Visa CardLooking for an easy way to show your support for MLC? Consider signing up for the MLC Alumni Association Visa card. There is no annual fee, exorbitant rates, or hidden charges. Best of all, once your card is activated and used one time, a $50 donation will be given from Visa to the MLC Alumni Association to support campus projects, student financial aid, and alumni activities. Ongoing purchases also benefit MLC as a small percentage goes back to MLCAA.

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  • What are the basics? You apply for a card at If you are approved, the MLC Alumni Association receives a $50 contribution from UMB bank in support of the ministry at MLC after your first purchase using the card.
  • Can I get a printed application mailed to me? Yes. Write, call, or email the alumni relations office at MLC, provide them with your name and address, and an application will be mailed to you. Simply fill it out and mail it in to UMB Bank for approval and you are on your way. The contact information for the alumni office is at the bottom of this page.
  • How about annual fees and interest rates? You will not be charged an annual fee. The interest rate for the credit card is not a fixed rate. Rates on credit cards are typically based on a margin over the prime rate. The current full financial offer will be prominently disclosed when you apply. A special low introductory rate will apply for the first 6 months. As always, if your bill is paid on time, there are no finance charges.
  • How does MLCAA get the $50 donation? Once you’ve applied for, received, and used the card one time, MLCAA is credited with a $50 donation from UMB. Think of it like an incentive program at a baseball game where a t-shirt is given to you for applying for a card. The difference is, in lieu of you receiving a t-shirt, the work of training future shepherds at MLC is supported.
  • What percentage of ongoing purchases goes to MLCAA? The MLCAA will receive 0.3% of all purchases. That amounts to 30 cents for every $100 spent. It might sound small, but it adds up and every little bit helps.
  • How are the funds received by MLCAA distributed? The MLCAA board has established a 60/30/10 policy whereby 60% will go to non-budgeted campus projects as alumni have supported in the past, 30% will go to fund scholarships and financial aid for MLC students, and the remaining 10% will pay for alumni communications and activities. To break it down, the $50 gift that would result from your card’s initial usage would provide $30 for campus projects, $15 for financial aid, and $5 for alumni activities. The same formula is applied for the ongoing funds received from purchases.
  • Can there be more than one account issued to a single household? Yes. For example, husbands and wives may choose to apply for one account with two cards and one statement. In this case, both credit histories and income would be considered in the bank’s decision to grant you a card. Another option would be for each to apply for their own account based on their own income and credit history. In that case, you would have two separate statements. MLCAA would receive a $50 donation for each account once the cards are activated and used for a purchase.
  • Do you have to be a graduate of MLC to sign up? No. Any U.S. resident age 18 or over may apply for a card.
  • What bank is the card affiliated with? The MLCAA Visa card is provided through UMB Bank, n.a., the top-rated lead bank of UMB Financial Corporation (NASDAQ:UMBF) – a financial holding company based in Kansas City, Missouri.
  • Is there a contract that I’m locked into with this card? No. There is no long-term commitment for your relationship with this card. We encourage you to keep it, use it, show your friends, and encourage them to sign up as well.
  • Can a college student apply for this card? It is not legal for us to solicit or market this card to college students. However, if they are 18 years of age, they may apply if they choose to do so.
  • Is there more than one card design to choose from? Yes. You may choose from one of several MLC scenes and you can even switch to a different MLC scene at any time in the future.

Further questions may be addressed to the MLC Director of Alumni Relations at 507-354-8221 x 387. You may also send an email to or write to MLC Alumni Relations, 1995 Luther Ct, New Ulm, MN 56073