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Curriculum Changes Beginning 2013-14

General Information for All Current Students

The faculty has approved several curricular changes that begin next year, 2013-2014. This memo provides information about how these changes affect current students. The first section applies to all current students and the second section details how the changes affect specific programs and majors.

  1. Your graduation date will not change because of curriculum revision.
  2. Degree requirements, program requirements, and licensure requirements for education students need to be fulfilled.
  3. Since these changes go into effect in August 2013, students should follow their current program plans for the second semester of this academic year.
  4. The minimum number of credits for graduation is 130 beginning with December 2013 graduates. (See possible exceptions below).
  5. Religion course numbers will have a THE prefix (theology) instead of a REL prefix.

General Questions & Answers - All Current Students

I heard rumors that we can only take 18 credits per semester. Really?

The federal Department of Education is limiting the number of credits a college student takes in a semester to 18. This is being enforced through our accreditation agency. While MLC will comply with this regulation, we also recognize that current students’ program plans may require more than 18 credits per semester. Therefore, the 18 credit per semester maximum will be phased in beginning with the incoming freshmen class of 2013-2014. Current students may follow their current program plans which require more than 18 credits in a semester.

I need to earn 130 credits to graduate, but my program plan requires fewer than 130 credits. What other credits can I take to reach 130?

Any courses/credits in the MLC curriculum may be taken to reach 130 credits. One, two, three or more credit courses may be taken in any combination to reach 130 credits.

My program plan requires fewer than 130 credits and if I take more credits, I will not be able to graduate when I planned. What do I do?

Appeal to Dr. Wiechman, the Vice President for Academics, for an exception by sending him an email that thoroughly explains why you need approval of your request. Dr. Wiechman may reply via email or may ask to meet with you.

Program Questions & Answers

Other Questions

If you have questions about the cirricular changes, contact: