2019-2020 Tuition, Room and Board

Per semester Per year
Tuition $7,935 $15,870
Room and Board $3,130 $6,260


  • The actual cost of enrollment is reduced by a budgetary operating subsidy from the Wisconsin Evangelical Lutheran Synod (WELS).
  • Tuition for part-time (fewer than 12 credits per semester excluding audits) is $335 per credit.
  • Because education students living off campus do not pay room and board to the college, they are assessed a fee to cover expenses for any room and board arranged by the college during their professional semester. For the 2019-20 school year, this amount is $1,840.
  • Because staff ministry and parish music interns living off campus do not pay room and board to the college, they are assessed a fee to cover expenses for any room and board arranged by the college during their professional semester. For the 2019-20 school year, the amount is $3,130.
  • The cost of audits for non-degree seeking students is $120 per course (excluding private music lessons) or $90 per course for senior citizens (60 or older).
  • The MLC Governing Board reserves the right to revise charges and procedures as economic conditions warrant.

Variable Costs
The cost of books, supplies, travel, laundry, personal and miscellaneous expenses varies with the individual. For 2019-2020 the estimate per individual is $5,100.

Automobile Registration
Automobile registration is $100 ($120 after June 1 for returning students).  This fee is paid directly to the Student Life Office.

2019-2020 Graduate Tuition

The tuition for graduate courses is $315 per credit. For more information see Graduate Studies.

Tuition Payment Information

Click here to make an online payment to a student account.

Payment Plans

Students pay the cost of attending school through a combination of scholarships, grants, school arranged loans, privately arranged loans, work-study programs, private funds and jobs.  Financial Aid and Financial Services counselors provide planning assistance to students upon request.  Prior to the beginning of the school year (see details under Payment Policies), students are asked to select one of the following options for meeting their financial obligations:

  • TWICE-A-SEMESTER PLAN: Payment in two equal installments for semester one by August 10, 2019, and October 10, 2019. Payment in two equal installments for semester two by January 10, 2020, and March 10, 2020.
  • MONTHLY PLAN: Payment in ten installments through MLC’s tuition management plan. Students enrolled in this plan make monthly payments (August-May) via automatic withdrawal on the 10th of each month (or the next business day) from a checking or savings account they have designated.  There is no charge for participation, but students are required to provide appropriate bank account and routing information when enrolling in this plan.  If two payments are returned for any reason (insufficient funds, account closed), the student will automatically be assigned to the twice-a-semester plan.

Students who believe that extenuating circumstances make the standard payment plans temporarily unsuitable may request an exceptional payment plan subject to the approval of the director of finance.  Such plans are granted only in rare circumstances (loss of employment, mounting medical expenses, etc.) and are intended as a temporary measure that should not exceed a single school year.

Payment Policies
  • Students not enrolled at MLC in the prior year are required to select one of the two payment plans by June 10 (or December 15 for students matriculating the second semester). Each student is responsible for meeting his or her obligation for tuition, room and board according to the plan selected.  If a student does not choose a plan prior to the deadline, the student will default to the twice-a-semester plan.  A student that selects the monthly plan but fails to provide banking information by the above deadline will be assigned to the twice-a-semester plan.
  • Students enrolled at MLC in the prior year will default to the same payment plan that applied to their account in the prior year. Students on the monthly payment plan are responsible to notify MLC of any changes in their banking information prior to the next monthly withdrawal.
  • Students may not charge their bookstore purchases to their student account unless a credit exists on their student account. Only books and supplies are allowed to be charged to a student account.
  • Parking tickets, fines for dormitory infractions or past-due library books, and charges for the damage of school property are due immediately upon receipt. If these charges and fines are not paid within two weeks of receipt, they will be added to a student’s account along with a $10 administrative fee.
  • The college will not confer degrees, issue diplomas or official transcripts to students with outstanding financial obligations.
  • Graduates in arrears on their payment plan will not be eligible for a call or assignment until their account is current. They are, however, eligible to participate in the graduation ceremony.
  • Past due financial accounts must be paid in full before a student can complete course registration or return to campus for the following semester unless an exception has been granted by the college administration.
Billing Procedures
  • All billing statements will be sent to students via the campus email address assigned to the student. The initial billing statement will be emailed the first week of July.  Additional statements will be issued on a monthly basis going forward. The first payment is due August 10 for all payment plans and considered past due if received after that date.
  • MLC reserves the right to email additional statements to the student. MLC also reserves the right to send a printed paper statement to the student’s permanent address at opportune times (such as semester breaks, etc.).
  • Billing statements can be emailed to multiple email addresses. The student cannot remove the assigned campus email address from the tuition statement recipient list.  It is the student’s responsibility to update the campus portal with the additional addresses to where the student intends additional statements be sent.
  • If a student chooses to have statements sent to multiple email addresses, the student is authorizing MLC to share billing and payment information with the owner of that email address.
  • For students matriculating the second semester, the initial billing is emailed the first  week of December.  The first payment is due January 10 for all payment plans and considered past due if received after that date.
  • Each payment includes a prorated portion of tuition, room, and board charges for the year. The payment amount varies according to the plan selected.
  • Failure to meet payment deadlines places a student in delinquent status. Failure to make appropriate payment by the due date will result in a hold being placed on the student’s records.  If the delinquent status is not addressed in a timely manner, it may result in termination of enrollment.  Students dismissed have the right to appeal.  The appeal process/grievance procedure must be initiated within 30 days of the initial payment deadline.  The appeal must be made in writing on the Student Appeal/Grievance Form located on the MLC website (www.mlc-wels.edu).  The Student Appeal/Grievance Form and any supporting documentation are submitted to the vice president for administration.
  • Individual past due notices will be sent via the student’s campus email address. A $25 administrative fee will be charged for each past due notice sent to the student.
  • A student with a significant past due balance as of the midpoint of a semester will be assessed a $100 administrative fee due to additional time required of MLC personnel to repeatedly address the collection issue with the student.
  • A $50 fee will be applied to the student’s account when a payment is returned for any reason. This includes insufficient funds, incorrect account numbers, account closed, etc…
  • Initial billing statements reflect financial aid allotments (if application and other deadlines have been met); loans or aid received after these deadlines will be reflected on later statements. If a student expects additional financial aid that is not reflected on the statement, it is the student’s responsibility to address the discrepancy with the Financial Aid Office before the next payment is due.
  • Scholarships will be allocated evenly to all payments for the semester to which they apply. Students are not allowed to reduce tuition payments based on anticipated scholarships that have not been confirmed in writing by the organization providing them.
  • The college accepts credit and debit card payments as well as echeck payments on student accounts under the twice-a-semester payment plan. Card payments and echecks are not allowed under the monthly payment plan.
  • Credit and debit card payments are subject to a 2.5% convenience charge assessed to the cardholder.
  • Payments made online via echeck are subject to a $3 per transaction charge, assessed to the account owner.
Refund Policies
  • All refunds due to students will be issued via check from the Financial Services office, regardless of payment method.
  • Credit balances on student accounts generated by Title IV Federal Financial Aid funds will be refunded within 14 days of receipt.
  • A flat fee of $98 per day on campus is charged when a full-time resident student discontinues prior to midterm of a semester. A flat fee of $72 per day is charged when a full-time student living off campus discontinues prior midterm of a semester.  Any account overpayment  will be refunded during this period.  Students discontinuing after midterm of a semester will not receive a credit for tuition, room, and board.  Dropping a course after midterm of a semester will not result in a credit for tuition.
  • A prorated fee will be used when a part time student discontinues prior to midterm of a semester. The tuition charge will be calculated as the number of credits x $335 per credit / 17 weeks per semester x number of weeks before withdrawal.  A fee of $26 per day times number of days on campus will be charged for board students living on campus.  Students that drop courses between the two-week mark and midterm (which changes a student’s status from full-time to part-time) will receive a prorated credit for the courses dropped.   The credit will be calculated as follows: the number of credits dropped x $335 per credit / 17 weeks per semester x number of weeks remaining in the semester after dropping the course.
  • A professional semester is defined as a semester in which student teaching or an internship occurs. A professional semester is considered one complete semester, regardless of when individual courses start or are completed.  Refunds during the professional semester are made in the same manner as other semesters.
  • A $110 severance fee is charged for early termination of enrollment.
  • A portion of any withdrawal refund may be used to repay financial aid programs.
  • Students who withdraw during the first thirty days of a semester will not receive any institutional grants or scholarships administered by Martin Luther College.
  • In the case of a withdrawing student who received scholarships, refunds will be granted under the intent of the donor organization. The donor organization will be consulted as to the application of the scholarship between semesters.
  • Refunds will be issued after all departments have been given adequate time to report any additional charges that need to be applied to the student’s account, such as parking fines, dorm fines, etc.
  • Federal regulations require that a percentage of Title IV funds be returned if withdrawal occurs before completion of 60% of a semester.
  • The Minnesota Office of Higher Education Refund Calculation Worksheet is employed to determine any Minnesota State Grant or SELF loan funds that need to be returned to the State of Minnesota upon withdrawal from MLC.