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Information for Pre-Seminary Students

This is important information regarding implementation of revised curriculum for Pre-Seminary students who enrolled BEFORE 2013-14.

Students who entered before 2013-14 will be audited according to the following guidelines:

  1. Beginning with the December 2013 graduating class, students need 130 credits to graduate.
  2. Students need to complete all required courses from either the current curriculum, the revised curriculum, or a combination of both.  See chart below of Schedule for Courses That Have Changed.
  3. Current students will not be held responsible for courses/credits that are dropped and have no replacement courses/credits.

See Curriculum Changes Beginning 2013-14 for general information about curriculum changes.

Schedule of When Courses are Dropped from Curriculum1

Required Courses/CreditsLast Year Required/Taught
MUS0001 Introduction Music 2012-13

1 Courses that have replacement courses are listed in the second chart as courses that have changed.

Schedule for Courses That Have Changed

New CoursesYear Course BeginsNotes
SCI1003 Biology 2013-14 Replaces SCI1001 Our Living World
SCI1103 Physical Science 2013-14 Replaces SCI1101 Our Physical World
Choirs & Wind Symphony earning 1 credit 2013-14 Replaces earning .5 credits